Tuesday, April 11, 2006

To Nuke or Not to Nuke

I find the news most confusing.

The President has labeled the reports that his administration is considering a nuclear attack on Iran as "wild speculation."

Now if this amounts to a denial, considering President Bush's reputation for honesty, it would seem to confirm the reports. On the other hand, considering the President's reputation for authorizing the leaking of classified materials whose contents he knew to be false, one would reasonably believe that the reporsts are false and intended to deceive either the Iranians or the American public--or both.

Somehow I am reminded of Nixon's claim when he was president that he wanted to frighten the Russians by making them think that he was crazy.

Minor Catastrophes

As I recovered from the loss of my internet connection and the need to replace the tire shredded by a pothole, I had a new catastrophe of sorts.

My regular doctor had diagnosed a small skin cancer on my forehead and wanted me to go to a plastic surgeon in order to have it removed. This struck me as overkill, since a little scar would not be likely to harm my appearance. But there is no point in arguing with a doctor. So when my doctor gave me the name of a plastic surgeon--a certain Dr. Green--and his address and phone number and I dutifully made an appointment with him.

As it turned out, it was almost impossible--at least for me--to find the entrance to Dr. Green's office building, and I must have spent a least thirty minutes driving up and down the road on which that office fronts. I thus turned up for the appointment only three minutes before the scheduled time rather than a half hour early as I had planned. And I was, as one would expect, feeling very frazzled, although that did not seem to increase mv blood pressure.

Dr. Green turned out to be a very pleasant.

But he also turned out to be the wrong Dr. Green; he was an oncologist, not a plastic surgeon.

And that made me feel even more frazzled, although it was not, of course, as serious as having the wrong leg amputated or something like that.

I prety much spent the next day in bed and am by now almost completely recovered.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Internet Dependency

The ADSL line for my computer at home went down for a couple of days and then it finally turned out, after it came back up, that, in our efforts to figure out what was wrong, we had changed the password. And figuring that out with the ISP took another couple of days.

That was a very frustrating period for me since, although the web pages and mailing lists that I maintain on a computer at CWRU law school were, fortunately, still up and running, I could not reach them. And, although I could work on the article that I am working on about software patents, I could use neither Google nor Lexis nor any other internet service to find the text of the law cases that I was trying to write about.

Fortunately I had a cold that allowed me to sleep a lot.