Saturday, February 11, 2006

More on Danish Cartoons

Although I only posted my entry about the Danish paper's cartoons of Mohammed on January, 31 most of the fuss--republication, embassy burnings, riots, etc.--has occurred since then. At least the danger that I feared, the danger that all on-line copies of the cartoons would be disappeared, is no longer a real threat, even though few American newspapers or television shows have shown them to give their readers or viewers a clear idea of what all the fuss is---or at least originally was---about.

Once again, I posted my entry about the cartoons on January 31, and most of the fuss has arisen since then. But now it turns out that the cartoons, which were first published in Denmark in September, 2005 were republished in an Egyptian paper in October of that year.


The affair grows stranger and stranger. CNN published an image of one of the cartoons after first obscuring it--as if it were a naked woman's breast--so that one could not see what it looked like. This inspired the Akron Beacon Journal to publish a cartoon making fun of CNN.

Making Fun of CNN

And then I was informed last night by a local TV news show that a local Cleveland-Akron area Muslim group was complaining about this cartoon, calling it "hate speech not free speech."

Now that's a bit much; I doubt that the cartoonist actually hates CNN.


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