Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Unintelligent Design

It seems to me that there is no way that one can be certain that the world as we think we know it, with all of its buzzing, booming complexity, was not designed---and created---by some sort of god or demiurge.

On the other hand, what seems absolutely clear---even though I have not seen any express mention of this by those who object to the teaching of so-called ``intelligent design''---is that such a design of the world---and of us---would have been remarkably unintelligent.

The first rule of any good design---of any intelligent design---is ``Keep It Simple,'' yet the proponents of ``Intelligent Design'' base their whole argument on the immense complexity of natural systems, an argument that, I submit, can only be called unintelligent and downright stupid.

Just consider ourselves with our veriform appendices, blind spots in the middle of our eyes, and confusingly complex sexual organs. If we are the product of design, surely in justice we should have a product liability suit against the designer.

The problem of unintelligent design is closely related to the problem of theodicy, the problem of how a benevolent and omnipotent God could create a world with so much evil in it, for how could an intelligent creator have made such a mess of it when it designed the world and us?


Anonymous RobertG said...

The proponents of intelligent design couldn't tell the difference between Ockham's Razor and a Gillette Blue Blade.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Jeff Nelson said...

I am surprised that you would incorporate the "why would a good God allow evil" issue into your comments on (un)intelligent design. Granted the end of the intelligent design arguement is 'designed?!' (i prefer 'founded') on a perspective which includes God.. and perhaps that's the problem. The question of the origins are really a question turned back on ourselves. Let's face it... with that baggage an honest admission says none of us are neutral. Perhaps your closing paragraph helps me see that.

I'd like to respond to the good God vs. evil world delema you raised above, yet this is your blog site, not mine. I'll wait for my invitation and you are welcome to my blog site. And please, I'm not interested in a hate match nor below the belt hits because life is too short for either of us to waste our time on that. I'm interested in the dialogue.

Peace... and good will to men
Merry Christmas
Jeff, Bmath waterloo, '96, THM DTS '04

10:44 AM  

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