Thursday, November 17, 2005


This weblog is a continuation of the blog that I started and still maintain at <>. I have not, however contributed to that blog in more than a year, having been interrupted when I came down first with a bad cold and then with a book about Computing and the Law, a book that stubbornly resists completion. I have been writing that book using PDFLaTeX and was writing the blog using LaTeX2html and, being a purist, without any blogging tools like blogger. Working on both the book and the blog seemed to be a bit too much.

But now I have come down with still another book: a collection of recollections of the sort that almost demand being recorded in a blog. And so I have given in and started this new blog, which I hope will be easier to write and maintain than the old one was.

Obviously I still have a lot to learn about blogging.


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